Why are we running this campaign?

We use an exclusive Denim material that’s reinforced with Dyneema, which is made in Europe. We don't know any better material for biker jeans (there probably isn’t one) and we will continue using Dutch Dyneema Denim. However, like many other European companies, our suppliers are badly affected by the Covid situation and we can't always get enough fabric for our jeans on time.

A very limited quantity of Dyneema fabric is arriving and we want to use it in the most efficient way possible. First of all, we‘re going to manufacture sizes that have been pre-ordered. Only then, if some material is left, will we make jeans available for our stock.


How long will it take?

Normally, the manufacturing time of DYNS jeans is 4 weeks. Delivery to our warehouses in the US or Australia will take another 1-2 weeks and some delays are possible. Please reserve up to 2 months to receive your pre-ordered jeans.


How long will pre-orders be accepted?

This campaign, for pre-ordering any size of DYNS STRADA BLUE jeans will take place until the 31th of July.


When will Blue Jeans be ready for pre-ordering?

We accept pre-orders only when the manufacturing process in ongoing or we have a certain plan for manufacturing. This ensures that we know for certain that we can fulfill your pre-orders. We’re waiting for the blue material and we hope that we will receive it soon, however, until the fabric is physically present in our manufacturing stock, we won't promise anything. Please stay tuned, we’ll send a newsletter update before we start accepting pre-orders of black jeans.


Returns and refunds

Please remember that the DYNS pre-ordering campaign is always a fair game. If you’ve changed your mind or found jeans from another manufacturer, you can simply ask to cancel your pre-order and receive a full refund.

If you received your pre-ordered jeans and they don't fit well, you can return them in 30 days at no cost to yourself and get either a replacement or full refund - you choose. Read more about our unconditional 30-day warranty.



We understand that 2 months can be a long time and we’re very thankful that you’ve given us the possibility to plan our manufacturing in advance. Therefore we’re happy to share our profit with you via a 20% discount. Shipping to your door is always free!

There’s no discount code, 20% will be applied to your cart automatically if the item is not in stock and ready for pre-ordering.

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