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How to order your perfect pair of DYNS Riding  Jeans?

We often get questions about the sizing of our jeans and whether they run small or large. The answer is no - we use standard size charts for our patterns and our cut is Regular. DYNS jeans are the true sized jeans. Our W32 is exactly 32inches and L34 is exactly 34inches. 


You're ordering your size and you realize it is not the right fit

Several decades ago, people knew the particular fit of any jeans - they were known as the 'jeans fit.' Now, things like cargo pants, sweat pants or even sailor pants can be called jeans sometimes. Before there was only 501, but now there are 7 different styles and plenty of variations. There's just no strict understanding of how classic jeans should feel and fit anymore. We sometimes get returns from disappointed customers who found our jeans too restrictive and when we asked them which model of jeans they usually wear, their response is almost always one of the modern more 'relaxed' or muscular fit cuts.

And the worst thing is - even the best-known jeans companies manipulate their sizes. We saw jeans labeled as W33 but they were definitely W36. Ofter companies add an inch or two in order to call their pants ‘relaxed fit’ instead of making a different cut for the actual waist size.


What's your correct DYNS Jeans size?

So, how to get your perfect pair of DYNS Jeans? There's simply nothing easier than American sizing. W means waist in inches and L means inseam length in inches.

Take the daily jeans that you love the most. Measure the waist and multiply by two - that’s your W size. Now measure the inseam - that’s your L size. This method allows you to avoid misunderstandings when your beloved jeans manufacturer applies the wrong labels and you are getting DYNS Jeans that are either too small or too large.

biker motorcycle jeans size chart dyns

Here we have 34'' waist ( 2 x 17'') and 32'' inseam. The size is W34L32.

About the cut

The classic cut (Regular) isn’t the most comfortable cut - the jeans are a little on the tighter side, as they should be and as they have been for more than 150 years. After wearing the jeans in, they melt to your body and become like your second skin! This is crucial for biker jeans - knee protectors are the most effective when they're close to your knees. Therefore, if you're comparing DYNS sizes with the sizes of the most popular brands, please compare Regular cut with Regular cut and judge your own preferences - if you like slightly looser jeans, go one size up (W), if you like baggy jeans, go 2 or 3 sizes up but don't change the length (L)


How to be sure?

 And please remember - everyone is different. It's not always possible to get the perfect fit of jeans online. We are offering a comprehensive return service. You can apply for your return on our website, get the return label and ship back your jeans at no cost to yourself.



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