Stronger than steel

UHMWPE is the strongest and most durable fiber in the world. It is up to 15 times stronger than steel and up to 40 percent stronger than aramid fiber, weight for weight.


Wear them just like your everyday jeans – you can't feel the difference! However, the abrasion resistance of our jeans exceeds a class AA level, which is equal to most leathers. There is no stronger textile material for a protective garment.

Single layer

Forget about aramid linings and other "insulations". Why bother when Dyneema® or Armalith® alone is 40 percent stronger than the usual reinforcing layers? Enjoy good old Denim cotton as it is supposed to be, just like all of your other favorite jeans.


Ultra-resistant fabrics protect from abrasion. Body armor protects from impact. We equip Dyns Jeans with removable level 2 impact-protectors on both the hip and knee areas. Do not compromise on your safety, be fully protected!

Classic Design

Not ripped, not patched or elaborately embroidered. We follow the classic jeans formula - five pockets, six rivets and high-quality denim. It's the 150-year-old secret of the very best jeans – beginning as purely functional and ending up a style leader.

For daily commuters

Commute to work daily on your motorcycle? Of course, safety in your motorcycle gear is paramount, but rocking up to the office in full gear is not always practical. With Dyns Jeans you can forego carrying spare clothes and changing awkwardly in the toilets, simply come as you are!

For Bikers

Sure, wear a leather jacket or vest. Wear leather boots - all bikers should own a solid pair of boots! You could even get a tattoo, maybe several tattoos. And wear denim - wear Dyns Jeans. Don't compromise on either protection or style.

For Sportbike Riders

Class AA (prEN 17092-3:2017) Dyneema® or Armalith® fabric is the second highest level of protection from the wide range of risks that motorcycle riding presents. The inbuilt impact protectors reinforce this protection with effective shielding for the sensitive knee and hip areas.

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