DYNS JEANS in real life - Road rash stories

You've heard many positive things about Dyneema® fabric and its resistance to abrasion, but how does it work in reality?

Unfortunately, accidents happen. We started making Dyneema® jeans in 2019, thousands of them are out there on the road and some of our customers have been unlucky enough to test their strength.

Things like AA certification up to 75km/h, Level 2 protectors, and UHMWPE fiber are just names. Let's check out some real stories from real people who were protected from serious injuries by their DYNS JEANS:



Glenn Lee. Englewood, Tennessee.

I got into a turn a little too fast. I didn't feel anything wrong until I started scraping more metal than I'm used to. I went down on the low side and rolled down the roadway. My 11 week old 2021 CVO Road Glide with just 3,000 miles on it went off the road into a barbed wire fence....totalled. The Dyns jeans saved me from what would have certainly been at minimum a broken knee cap and excessive road rash.




Tina Candan, Knoxville Tennessee

First I want to thank you for your quality jeans! I was involved in a motorcycle accident and my DYNS Jeans did exactly what I needed them to do! Unfortunately, they were also cut off of me in the ambulance and are destroyed so I will be ordering a new pair at once! The product and service you offer is greatly appreciated!



Robert Lacey, Orderville Utah

I just received a pair of your jeans for Father's Day on Sunday. Today (Monday), I took them on their inaugural ride. An hour in, I was violently thrown from my bike at about 70mph. I slid possibly 100ft on asphalt. The jeans mostly performed as advertised, with one burn-through on a knee and another on the keys in my pocket. Thanks to your gear and the protecting hand of the Good Lord, I came away with no serious injuries. So (half jokingly), since I'm still inside 30 days, can I send what's left of them back ;) Thank you for making a great product.



Victor Vaughan, Douglasville Georgia

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First, let me say these are the best fitting jeans, for my body type, that I've bought. And I have several brands in my closet. Not thick or bulky feeling. From day one, they felt like jeans I've already broken in from years of wear. Secondly, they work! I had my first spill on the streets a cpl weeks back when I was side swiped by a car. Somehow or another, the car's side mirror caught me under the elbow and pulled me off my bike and I was drug down the asphalt for 10-15 feet before the driver came to a stop. It wasn't a great distance, but it was enough for me to believe in these jeans. No rips, punctures or tears. Just a little sheen on the right pant leg from the friction against the asphalt. I was blessed that day as the accident could have been worse, but I was very thankful for having on the best gear money could buy, and that included Dynsjeans. 



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